A Trove Of 3D Printer Filament Take a look at Information

A Trove Of 3D Printer Filament Test Data

We’re not sure what a typical weekend is [Walter]The house is like, but we can probably assume that any activity will at least be accompanied by the hum of a 3D printer somewhere in the background.

Those of us who do 3D printing have had bad rolls of filament. Everything from filament that warps when it shouldn’t, to real wood splinters mixed in somewhere in the manufacturing process and clogging our nozzles. There are plenty of workarounds to work around, but the best part is not to buy bad filament at all. To this end [Walter] spent many hours cataloging the results of the various filaments that made it through his shop.

We really enjoyed his comparison of twelve different yellow filaments printed side by side with the same settings on the same printer. You can really tell the difference between high dimensional tolerance, the right mix of colors, and good fresh plastic material for the quality of the final print. Also, how transparent different clear brands actually are and how heavy different brands of reels are (so you can weigh your reel to see how much is left).

The part we really liked was his list of all the filaments he had experience in: PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexible, Nylon, Metal, Wood, and others. This was a tremendous effort, and while your rating is of course subjective, it’s still nice to have someone else’s experience to rely on in figuring out where to spend your next thirty dollars.

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