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March 1, 2016 | From Alec

The web is full of amazing and inspiring 3D printing projects that illustrate just how big the hobby has become. The only disadvantage is that the tried and tested ABS and PLA filaments are not always suitable for research projects and practical prototyping. While the results usually look good, they don’t always have the right toughness or strength to do what they need to be done. In this case, it is best to try less conventional filaments. The renowned Dutch filament supplier colorFabb has just presented the latest edition of its excellent range: colorFabb_HT, a clean material that is perfect for practical 3D printing solutions due to its high strength, superior durability and stability, toughness and excellent temperature resistance.

The Dutch manufacturer colorFabb is of course known for its excellent 3D printing accessories. Founded a few years ago as a subsidiary of Helian Polymers, a sister company of Peter Holland, they quickly became a supplier of a range of excellent and sometimes unusual filaments.

While some of their other materials are largely attractive for aesthetic reasons, their excellent properties are colorFabb_HT’s main selling point. It is made from Eastmans Amphora ™ HT5300 3D polymer, which is styrene and BPA free, has little odor and is particularly suitable for parts that are exposed to unusual circumstances. It also has an advanced overhang capability which makes it perfect for practical parts. “HT5300 has excellent dimensional stability and enables 3D printing with precise dimensions. This is especially important for products with tight tolerances and multi-component parts. In addition, with its excellent toughness and chemical resistance, Amphora HT5300 is ideal for prototyping and testing products, ”the manufacturers are proud to say. The impressive drill holder (see above) really says it all when it comes to durability.

Perhaps most impressive is the high level of heat resistance, as 3D-printed colorFabb_HT parts can withstand heat of up to 100 degrees Celsius. “This means that your co-polyester creations can finally withstand heat without deforming. This opens up new areas where 3D printing applications can be successfully applied, ”it says. This is illustrated using 3D printed parts from toy engines made by a user named Dennis. “By using colorFabb_HT, Dennis can experiment with specially shaped intake manifolds to improve the performance of this mini rail vehicle. The fact that he can now test these parts on a running engine means a lot in his design process, ”it says.

Latest cool colorFabb print: The gCreate Rocket Ship (Thingiverse), made of copper filling, bronze filling, brass filling and glow filling.

If you’re interested in this excellent filament, it will go on sale in three weeks, March 21st – both through yours Webshop and their international resellers. Pre-orders for colorFabb_HT start before this time. The functional filament will be available in five colors: clear, white, light gray, dark gray and black. You can catch colorFabb at RapidPro 2016 this week too. At the congress in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, they will be showcasing a wide variety of their filaments so that you can check the results in person.

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