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August 11, 2015 | From Simon

As more and more developers move on to changing their filament choices to expand other design options, the decision to develop your own filament becomes more and more sensible. Until now, however, most on-site filament manufacturing options have not necessarily been consumer friendly or otherwise “ideal” for users looking for a seamless filament extrusion experience. Now a new Dutch startup 3dev want to change that.

Established as a new company Devoteq, a Dutch mechanical engineering company, recently introduced the NEXT 1.0 to 3devo, the world’s first consumer-friendly high-end filament extruder with the aim of putting high-quality filaments into the hands of manufacturers of all kinds.

“Operating industrial extrusion machines requires experience and understanding,” explains the company.

“We have integrated this experience and this understanding into NEXT 1.0 and created a user-friendly interface that gives you the opportunity to achieve breathtaking results with just one push of a button.”

One of the company’s goals with the extruder – the result of over 18 months of product design and development – is to stand out in a market that is already oversaturated with filament extruder options with high-end features and a design that emphasizes the attention to detail.

“Unlike other filament extruders that produce poor quality or inconsistent filaments, the NEXT 1.0 is designed to extrude a professional grade product and to ensure that the extruded filament can be perfectly wound onto the spool of a 3D printer for optimal results . “Explains Lucas van Leeuwen from 3devo in an email to 3Ders.

“All of this from the comfort of your own desk.”

So far, the machine is capable of extruding standard 3D printing materials such as ABS, PLA and even recycled plastic waste or other material combinations for custom filaments including multi-colored filaments and glow-in-the-dark filaments.

Further features of the NEXT 1.0 include a high-quality extrusion screw in professional quality with integrated compression zones, an automatic bobbin winding for neatly rolling up the filament for smooth 3D printing and an embedded automatic diameter control system for uniform filament.

Although we’ve seen a number of professional-grade filament extrusion systems in the past few years, few have focused on developing an automated and seamless system that takes the user experience into consideration. Combined with the high quality engineering and sleek industrial design, this could be a filament extrusion system that is likely to stick around for a while.

The company is currently preparing for a Kickstarter campaign due to start on Wednesday, August 12th.

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Marco Agas wrote on 08/12/2015 15:43:21:

It’s now live on Kickstarter 🙂 Here is the link

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