3D Printing a Skateboard with Carbon Fiber Bolstered PLA Filament

3D Printing a Skateboard with Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA Filament

James Bruton is a former toy designer (from the EE side, not the ID side) who is now posting videos of his experiments and inventions on YouTube. Bruton recently got their hands on some of MatterHackers’ carbon fiber reinforced PLA filaments and 3D printed them along with the regular PLA to see how they were measured.

His simple test showed that the CFR-PLA is about 20% stiffer. To make the stuff more practical, he printed out an unusual design for a multi-piece skateboard and then took it to a skate park:

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By the way, if you are interested in buying carbon fiber reinforced PLA yourself, there is a link here. (Today, on Black Friday, the MatterHackers website states they offer discounts from today through Cyber ​​Monday, but they don’t state what the discount is.)

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