3D Printer and Filament Cyber Monday 2019 Offers

Joseph Flynt

Published on December 1, 2019

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Cyber ​​Monday is back and there are plenty of 3D printers for sale for just a day. This page is dynamic in that stocks are sold out and new business is coming in regularly. I’ll try to keep up with changes and make updates as necessary. Some of the most famous brands take part. So see if they have what you want. The following products are the latest updates in the last few hours.

Limited 3D printer offers for Cyber ​​Monday

Here are 10 of the latest additions to the Cyber ​​Monday 3D printer deals. It is no time for reviews. So head straight to the sales pages if you want all the details and price updates.

3D printing materials for Cyber ​​Monday

All printers require 3D material or filament to work and we’ve found some discounts here too.

Discounts for 3D printer software

The two 3D printing software programs listed below do not offer discounts at the time of writing. But they have for the past few years. If you’re interested, keep an eye on the next 24 to 48 hours.

Quick buying tips for 3D printer deals

Read this quick 4-point guide if this is your first time buying a 3D printer. You most likely know what you want. Even so, a quick checklist can help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

No. 1 3D printer build plates

Every 3D printer has a build plate and is available in different sizes. Larger panels give you more space and allow you to create larger projects, but they also cost more. Make sure the slab size you choose is right now and for future project ideas.

# 2 3D printing materials

There are many print materials available with exciting colors in different designs and textures. However, not all 3D printers can work with all types of materials. For example, some machines can only print with PLA. Others have multiple nozzle systems that pick up different materials. It’s something to think about if you haven’t already thought about 3D filaments.

# 3 Housing & Security

Enclosures are provided to protect the user from the heated extruder or hot end. Unfortunately, not all printers have them. Imagine a machine with a safety enclosure, especially if you are a beginner.

# 4 The resolution of the printer is important

Printer resolution plays an important role in print quality. This can be confusing and manufacturers can report the solution in different ways. The Z resolution only relates to the plane height, but that alone is not enough. It is important to consider the XY plane as well. Don’t get confused when you are new. First, read the user feedback sections to see what others have to say about the overall print quality of a device.

Sum up

Before you buy, do some research on your 3D printer requirements. There’s no need to invest in a high-end machine to create simple, hobby-quality projects. If you get something basic, it may not be what you expected. Know what you want to build and adapt the product to it.

Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a fire hazard.

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